Recording Date

April 4, 1967 Bell Sound, New York, NY

Alternate Versions Of This Recording

Recording Time Artist Type Year
What Do You Like [Single Version] 2:48 The James Brown Band Studio 1967

Recording Credits

Producer James Brown
Organ Solo James Brown
Alto Saxophone Solo Alfred Ellis
Guitar Carl Lynch?, Jimmy Nolen, Wallace Richardson?
Bass Jimmy Tyrell?, Al Lucas?
Piano Ernie Hayes
Organ James Brown
Drums Bernard Purdie
Trombone Garnett Brown, Jimmy Cleveland, Richard Harris
Alto Saxophone Alfred Ellis
Tenor Saxophone Alfred Corley, St. Clair Pinckney?
Baritone Saxophone St. Clair Pinckney?
Arrangements Alfred Ellis
Conductor Alfred Ellis

Appears On

Release Artist Released
James Brown Plays The Real Thing The James Brown Band 1967

Session Details

Recording done